Evil thoughts?

9:40PM- Ok, there has to be more to say about this experience than “I’m bored.”  Then again, boredom is something for which Satie was aiming in more than a few pieces.  Each chord is now simply there- no shape, no interest.  If I force myself to engage with the piece, I just find myself annoyed with how static it seems now, especially rhythmically.  This is not to say I’m annoyed with the experience.  On the contrary, I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would with a genuinely interested attitude.

9:46PM- My ears are starting to become fatigued.  My hand wants to move the mouse to the pause button far more often now.  I think I’ll move around the apartment to give my ears just a bit of variety.

9:52PM- For the first time, after nearly 15 hours of listening, the beginning of the loop actually made me jump.  I think wherever I was standing made the note particularly resonant.

10:22PM- I’m glad I took on this project.  I really am.  I’ll also be glad when the piece is over.

11:00PM- There’s an account of a man, Peter Evans, who tried to perform “Vexations” in its entirety by himself.  (I can’t imagine how he kept count)  The account is that Evans, after completing 595 repetitions, about 16 hours in, abruptly stopped and left the stage.  He later wrote, “I would not play the piece again. I felt each repetition slowly wearing my mind away. I had to stop. …People who play it do so at their own great peril.”  He said that his mind became filled with “evil thoughts, [and] animals and ‘things’ started peering out of the score at him.”  Fun times, huh?  I’ll let you all know if I start seeing any strange animals.


About adaysvexations

This is just my temporary blog with my thoughts on listening to Erik Satie's "Vexations" in its entirety. Let the fun begin.
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