It begins.

6:30-7:00AM- I tried to engage in some of Satie’s suggested “serious immobility,” and it proved harder than expected. My apartment is much louder than I’d like. Clocks, cats, neighbors, refrigerators…I went out to the car, which was quieter, but much colder as well.

7:00AM- The piece begins. For the first few cycles, I’m trying to predict the “direction” of the notes and chords, and I’m finding my expectations continually frustrated, but not necessarily in a bad way. By the third cycle, I’ve near memorized the bass line. The “inverted” theme seems easier to follow. The last three notes in the bass before the final E sound awfully tonal.

7:15AM- The bass line is much easier to listen to, as it’s easier to create a tonal listening of it.

7:20AM- I’ve lost track of the number of cycles past. I could just do the math, as I assume I will later to make sure I’m listening to all 840, but for now, I’ll let it be.

7:36AM- I just hummed the bass line half-consciously. As far as I know, I didn’t make any mistakes.

7:45AM- Either my estimation skills are horrible (likely), or I’ve zoned out more than I thought already. I’ve already listened to 33 cycles, where my guess was somewhere in the 20s.

7:58AM- Close to the one hour mark, I instinctively feel the need to get out my chair. Trained for intermissions, I guess? This can be a good excuse to edit and post my first observations.


About adaysvexations

This is just my temporary blog with my thoughts on listening to Erik Satie's "Vexations" in its entirety. Let the fun begin.
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One Response to It begins.

  1. Katelyn says:

    This is truly fascinating! I am going to enjoy stalking Justin for a day through this experience. You realize you’ll subconsciously be playing this piece in your mind for the next three weeks…

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