Almost there…

11:09PM- The cat is no longer silent.  In fact, he’s quite vocal now.  I can’t say I blame him.  Satie, you are a genius.  And I hate you.

11:16PM- I’m coming up on 750 cycles.  I’m actually starting to get excited about whatever happens after I turn the music off.  Whatever I experience, I expect there to be plenty to talk about.  Also, sleep.  I’m looking forward to sleep.

11:44PM- Stephen Whittington writes of “Vexations,” “Important to the concept of Vexations is the relationship between the repetitive form of the piece and the forgettable nature of its material. Vexations lingers in the memory as a vague impression, the details effaced as soon as heard: it is difficult to imagine anyone walking home whistling the ‘tune’ after a performance.”                                                                                                          Strangely enough, I’m inclined to completely agree with this assessment.  Though I’ve felt rather confident in my familiarity with the material at a few points, more often I’ve found myself frustrated with how unattainable the notes still seem, even after almost 17 hours of repetition.  This speaks to Satie’s skill, certainly, but it also speaks to the power of boredom and the mind.  More on that when I’m not feeling like punching a wall.

December 2, 12:01AM- That louder entrance at the beginning of the loop is mocking me.  Also, happy Friday, everyone.  One hour, twenty minutes to go.


About adaysvexations

This is just my temporary blog with my thoughts on listening to Erik Satie's "Vexations" in its entirety. Let the fun begin.
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