Final ten!

12:27AM- Something I would have done differently: Find a recording that doesn’t decrescendo.  Something I’m thankful for: The version I’m listening to is over in 18 ½ hours, not 25-28.

12:34AM- I will find anything in my own music resembling this rhythm and destroy it with a prejudice.

12:49AM- Current goal- hold on for another half hour.

1:03AM- In these final ten iterations of this blasted motif, I feel every note.  My fingers sense the touch of the keyboard.  Every hammer stroke is amplified tenfold.  I recall all the different modes of listening from the day- the quiet, the high G, the tonal bass theme, the decrescendo, the rapid opening.  My ears hear, but I also feel the music course through my body.  The anticipation of the end is almost frightful.  My language apparently becomes extravagant when I really want something to happen.


About adaysvexations

This is just my temporary blog with my thoughts on listening to Erik Satie's "Vexations" in its entirety. Let the fun begin.
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