Apologies for the delay…

As I continue to formulate and organize ideas for what will become a paper on this topic of listening to “Vexations,” I find myself rather obligated to not leave this blog hanging.  So, first of all, here is the final entry in my listening journal, taken after the music was finally turned off.

1:16-2:00AM- I must decompress.  I can’t even sleep yet.  The silence, as expected, is quite intense.  The piece really did become my environment for the day.  My ears are relaxing at the moment.  My hope is that I don’t dream about it, though I feel I likely will.

The good news: I didn’t.  My dreams were happy, as I recall…

Second, here is a preview of just some of the things I’ll be exploring in the final writeup.

Modes of Listening

  • Form, tonal grounding (not the focus of this project)
  • Pure sonic characteristics
  • Striving for variety- Environment, Medium, Perception
  • Listening for utility, just to be done with it

Noise Concepts

  • Dissonance within the musical material (not the focus of this paper)
  • Noise within the music/recording
  • Outside noise against the music
  • Outside noise with the music
  • Music as silence
  • Music as noise (frustration)
  • Silence as noise

Frustration in Music

  • Initial expectations within music
  • Via perception
  • From inevitability


  • As form
  • As perceived/transformed/lost
  • As directionality


If this means nothing to you, don’t worry about it.  If it does, and it’s still very vague, then you may be interested to read the final paper.  I’ll post it once it’s complete.

Thanks again, everyone!  It’s been fun!



About adaysvexations

This is just my temporary blog with my thoughts on listening to Erik Satie's "Vexations" in its entirety. Let the fun begin.
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